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FrancesCut_copyWhenever I relate stories about Frances E. Williams, one of the first questions I’m asked is, “Who is Frances?” These pages will not only tell you a bit more about this fascinating lady who stood at the crossroads of some of the most intriguing and turbulent times in our history, but also will invite you into her world, a world peopled with well-known as well as lesser-known African Americans, folks like Paul Robeson, Charlotta Bass, Langston Hughes, and Margaret Bonds. Frances knew them all personally.

This site will profile some of these exceptional individuals, and include some of Frances’s favorite anecdotes.  Chapter Excepts from her biography Meet it, Greet it, and Defeat it! include a look at two films from Frances’s film career (Showboat and Salt of the Earth) and “Frank’s Place”, a 1980’s TV series.  Also included are  notable works from the Harlem Renaissance with annotations.  Several of the authors during that period were her personal friends.    Meet itAvailable from Amazon.com

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to Frances’ Place”

  1. Frances! Is it true you’ve moved on?!?! You were VERY kind to me as I was getting started in my 20’s. You “saw” me! You were a great and stalwart influence during a time when Hollywood wasn’t too kind. Because of the business’ nature, I immediately left and became an engineer… and have been fortunate to rise to the top of that field. 30 years later I’ve truly seen the world but entertainment is my first love (and engineering is way too safe/ boring). I’m coming back Frances! And I’ve got you to thank!

    Thanks admin for setting up this site in honor of one of the best influences on my life!

    and can say you my dear was the rarest of beautiful birds.

  2. I had a conversation with a Ms. Miller who was the ex wife of Nate Griffin.
    She stated that Frances Williams was a friend of theirs. Nate was a musician who worked with the Jubilee Stars(gospel group)who were hired to play a fundraiser on behalf of Paul Robson in Los angeles circa 1960’s. Would like to speak with any family members who may be able to shed light on their friendship/connection. Nate recorded/arranged for my great uncles label Viscojon.

    As time permits, please reply.

    Victor Davis
    (504) 256-9004

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